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 Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop (Online)

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Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop (Online) Fright_Night-small
Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop (Online) Fright-night-movie-image-david-tennant-03-398x600

Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop

Steven is a thin, lanky man with dark brown spiked hair. He walks with a slight hunch to avoid eye contact with anyone and favors red converse sneakers, dark jeans, & t-shirts along with his black trench coat which, in his mind, is his trademark feature.

When Steven was 12yo he ran away from his home in the suburbs of Aurora Illinois leaving behind his drunk mother and absent father. It wasn't easy for the young man having no money or place to call his own. He mainly stuck to the back alleys and abandoned buildings at night while scoping around the markets and parks during the day. Now most people that new him cold tell you that it was not easy noticing Steven even if he was right next to you, for some reason he was always  ignored or overlooked. He had been knocked down my passerby's and cyclists one more than one occasion due to this. However, what he once considered to be a social curse ended up being his salvation as he moved from person to person,group to group and walked away with most of the content in there wallets.

Now he wasn't always overlooked. More than once did he get caught in the act and forced to run from the law. Sometimes they caught him and other times they didn't, but regardless of that fact Steven knew he had a natural talent, but he was damned if he knew exactly what it was or what it could be used for other than stealing. This continued for years until he meet Bernard McNeil, thief and fellow pickpocket who had come to Aurora from Washington D.C. for a chance of atmosphere ( at least that's what he kept telling Steven).

During one of his less than exemplary attempts to steal from a jewelry store, Steven found himself running from 3 officers only one of which was overweight, the other two quickly gaining on him. As he ran down a narrow alleyway which Bernard had been using the case the loan office across the street, he found the only place he thought he could hide which was a narrow space between two trash cans and closed his eyes tight. Bernard watched as to his amazement Steven almost seemed to become transparent! not long after that the officers raced down the alleyway and started searching for Steven. Even though he was see through, Bernard could easily see Steven there in between the cans, but for some reason he officers regarded him as if he wasn't there. After what seemed like forever, the cops left the alley and continued there chase down the road.

Once they left and Steven became hole again. Bernard quickly introduced himself and informed the young man about the incredible feat he had just performed. As he talked he saw the look of confusion on Steven's face and realized that the boy had no idea of what he could do. Although Bernard had no talent in the supernatural, he had a keen sense about toughs sort of things and he had seen his fare share of strange things in his life to know that not everything was folklore and fairy tales. It didn't take long for Steven to warm up to Bernard as the father figure he never had growing up and he too saw potential in the boy. When he wasn't teaching him the skills of the slight of hand techniques he had mastered over the years, he had him studying magical theories and uses from books & old tomes that Bernard had painstakingly acquired after sorting out which ones where hoopla and true enough.

After spending years in the streets of Aurora making names for themselves ( both good and bad depending on which side you heard it from) Bernard decided it was time to head home back to D.C. and he was going to take Steven with him. He felt that his talents where wasted and there where always opportunities in the capitol for guys like them to make it big...

Known Aspects:
High Concept: Arcane Pickpocket
Trouble: Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!
Story: No Choirboy, but not a monster

Great (+4): Conviction
Good (+3): Burglary, Deceit, Discipline
Fair (+2): Lore, Alertness, Athletics, Stealth
Average (+1): Endurance, Fists, Rapport, Survival

Supernatural Abilities:
When younger he cold have been considered a Kinetomancer, but his primary focus of study lately has been Thaumaturgy.
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Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop (Online)
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