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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards "Loke" (Online)

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PostSubject: Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards "Loke" (Online)   Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards "Loke" (Online) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 11:56 am

Name: Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards
Description: Lemuel is normally seen in black suits with green shirts and yellow tie, perhaps on occasion black on black, but always with a trim of green and yellow or a green and yellow scarf. Something about that color combination just calls to him. On occasion he will have long shoulder length dreads or not. With the goal of being a master of illusion something as trivial as hair style and length is often mercurial. His dark eyes are powerful and seem to always be able to pierce through an individual to know exactly what that person wants to see or hear.Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards "Loke" (Online) Loke11
Background: Lemuel or Loke as he is sometimes known is notorious in the D.C. area. With parents who were both of the black, each an utterly corrupted wizard, little was seen in the way of future for Lemuel. He was practically raised around wizards who seemed to eagerly await the oppurtunity for him to go bad, that they could end him. When news circulated that he'd been in contact with members of The Circle, and had been working with them, this was seen as the time to strike. Yet Lome brought these individuals to the justice of the Warden. Could it be that Lemuel is a good guy always seen as bad or a wolf in sheep's clothing. A master con artist, liar, and all together cad, he loves involving himself in the affairs of others, especially those newest to the city so that he can make everyone's life more "fun". He rarely does things that are outright "wrong", and when he does it is almost always under the guise of some greater good. 
Known Aspects

  • Sometimes you find trouble
  • Sometimes trouble finds you
  • Always on the outside

Known Skills: Deception

Known Supernatural Abilities: Mask of Mirrors
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Lemuel Oliphant Kenan Edwards "Loke" (Online)
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