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 The Thirst (ATTN Kyra)

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PostSubject: The Thirst (ATTN Kyra)   The Thirst (ATTN Kyra) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 3:18 pm

For the past several days Kyra has been shut in her apartment avoiding all human contact, even Reah, only coming out of her room while her roommate is at work. The gnawing hunger in her has spread from her stomach to her very bones, and she feels faint no matter how much she eats and drinks. Reah picked her up some raw steaks, which helped a little. But she knows if she is going to keep from going insane she has to find a way to feed, and she had better do it soon before the hunger completely takes over and forces her to kill.

On top of the hunger she continues to be haunted by her recent experiences. Having stepped through a door to whole other dimension would be enough to change someone forever. Then there were the multiple times she came within a hair’s breadth of dying, the worst of which was being trapped in the ogre’s tower with the insane ogre threatening to blow them all sky high. But the most harrowing experience of all for Kyra was when the blood lust overtook her and she dove into the water after Sebastian, not to try to save him or pull him from his death, but to kill him and drink his blood. In that moment she had turned into the beast she had always feared lurked within her. The sight of his blood had completely transformed her into a mindless ravenous killer.

If Sebastian hadn’t suddenly mysteriously been pulled out of the strange alternate reality Thomas referred to as the Nevernever, Kyra would surely have killed him. That knowledge shakes Kyra to her core. She now sees how truly close she is to being a violent heartless killer. That switch could literally flip any time, and all it took was the sight of blood. With this realization she understands for the first time how truly untenable her work at the medical clinic is. She wonders how on earth she has managed to go this long without killing anyone, and begins to realize it is not a question of if or when. She seriously considers handing in her resignation. Perhaps she should begin working at the morgue instead after all.

And if all this wasn’t enough to worry about Kyra has also discovered she has a stalker, or stalkers, watching her window. Looking out her bedroom window on her first day back from the Nevernever she saw someone walking past on the sidewalk across the street. She wouldn’t have thought anything of it except the stranger glanced up directly at her window. He was tall, handsome man with dusky skin, short black hair and good bone structure in his face. His muscular frame was visible beneath his baggy clothes with low-riding jeans and a hoody throne over a t-shirt and a gold chain around his neck. Tattoos were visible on his neck going down into his collar. Dark eyes stared at Kyra for a brief second before looking away, but the feral savagery in his gaze stayed with her long after he looked away.

When Kyra had looked out again later she had seen the same man walking down the street again, though he never looked at her that time. Becoming more paranoid over the next couple days she kept checking out the window, and each time she saw someone walking by across the road, which ones were watching her and which were simply passing by she couldn’t tell because none looked her, but she knew one thing: the streets were never deserted. Although the first man she had seen was not always there, he did keep coming back, and when he wasn’t there someone else always was there. Although none of them has looked in her direction again, she knows they are watching her.
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The Thirst (ATTN Kyra)
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