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 Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop: Dirty Tricks

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PostSubject: Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop: Dirty Tricks   Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop: Dirty Tricks I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 04, 2013 11:34 pm

( I apologies for the lateness of this Story. It has been a busy few days for me at work and this was the first day off I have had :-))

Steven woke to the sound of sirens whaling into the night, his shirt stained with perspiration. On instinct he placed a veil on himself and waited with bated breath as the sirens continued on. After a few seconds  he breaths a sigh of relief and releases the energy holding the veil in place. Three days... It had been three days since his "Big Score". The score that would guarantee the end of his career. Steven laughed to himself at the notion

'Yea, it ended my career all right.' he thought. 'Right past retirement and into an early grave'

As his eye's adjust to the low light of the cheap hotel room he had been using since yesterday, Steven lays back down on the lump infested bed trying to focus his thoughts and drown out the unnerving sounds of "activity" protruding from the paper thin walls.It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Bernard had reassured him time and time again that this would be the one to change there lives. Bernard always had a funny sense of humor.

It was a day like any other when they where contacted by there mysterious benefactor. The man who only referred to himself as K. At first glance this man was obviously not human. With perfect features and flowing pale blond hair, he was obviously some sort of faerie. He had heard of Bernard from a mutual source and Steven had gained his own reputation from the month he had been living in D.C. K was under the employee of a very influential person who wished to remain anonymous, wished to hire them to acquire a piece of great value. An item that had been stolen two days prior by a group of mysterious thieves from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. The legendary Hope Diamond.  It had taken thousands of dollars and every underworld favor he had, but they had been able to assertion the location where the thieves would be placing the diamond for safe keeping. All that was needed was for them to sneak in, grab the diamond, return to there place and wait for K to return.

As K droned on about the details, Steven was deep in thought. Why not? Its a lot of money for such little effort. But he knew that there was no such thing as easy money and if this guy's employer was as rich as he claimed to be he could get anyone to get that diamond back, why ask two outsiders? After a few moments of debate Steven figured that is they where on the up and up then they would come away clean and rich and if not well, he didn't mined using magic as a scare tactic.

It turned out that the job itself was pretty strait forward as Maximum security strongholds go. Attack dogs, high tech security cameras, and more arm guards than Fort Knox might have deterred most thieves from entry, but not ones who had tranquillizer laced dog treats,the ability to conk out electronics, and go completely invisible. It was over before Steven had a chance to really start worrying about there chances of success.

That night was a celebration. Bernard and Steven where overjoyed by the prospect of there future lives. If you where to ask him what exactly happened that night he wouldn't be able to tell you. All he remembered was dragging Bernard back to there apartment laying him on the couch and retiring to his own bed for the night. It wasn't the fact that he had a too much to drink that made it hard to remember it was the nightmare filled with death, fear, and pain that drowned out most of the memories of that night

When he awoke from his restless sleep, we was greeted to the sounds of screams coming from the living area. He ran out of his room to see their landlady run out of there apartment and down the hall. There laying on and around the couch was the remains of Bernard. Body stripped bare, flesh ripped to pieces in certain areas while others where completely devoid of any. But the most disturbing thing was his face; completely untouched.

What happened afterwords was a blur of one bad dream after another.The place where they had hidden the diamond the previous night had been ransacked and the diamond itself gone. Steven's face was plastered over the news. The prim suspect in the murder of his accomplice who helped him steal the hope diamond. How did this happen? Who was K's employer? and more importantly how was Steven going to get out of this one?
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Steven "Ghost-Hand" Bishop: Dirty Tricks
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