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 An Invitation for Reah Lynn (ATTN Reah)

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An Invitation for Reah Lynn (ATTN Reah) Empty
PostSubject: An Invitation for Reah Lynn (ATTN Reah)   An Invitation for Reah Lynn (ATTN Reah) I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 4:39 pm

The limo pulls up in front of the Kennedy Center, one in a row of many that have come to drop off at the gala to benefit the Marian Foundation members of Washington’s elite – socialites, business leaders, and politicians on both the local and national levels. This particular limo had been sent to pick up Miss Reah Lynn and bring her to this gala. After the limo comes a complete stop and the chauffer gets out of the drivers’ side and comes around to open the door, Reah’s golden sandal clad foot emerges first followed by a long, shapely leg without leggings to obscure it’s smooth creamy white skin, and then the rest of her, dressed in short green dress with a plunging neckline synched around beneath her breasts by a band of embroidered fabric with golden spiraling designs. The dress flares out around her hips in loose flowing folds and ends around her thighs. The elegant designer dress was sent over by Julian Doyle, the man who also sent the limo that brought Reah here and the golden bracelets and dangling earrings she is wearing. Her luxurious long red his gathered into an up-do with wispy strands around her ears and neck as well as some of her bangs hanging free and brushed back from her flawless face.

Heads turn and cars slow down, and numerous men are elbowed or punched in the ribs by their significant others for staring as Reah steps away from curb. She was stunning on any day of the week but dressed and made up the way she is now, she is simply, unforgettably, heart-breakingly beautiful. The man who approaches her is tall, with handsom cheek bones, dark green eyes, medium length brown hair combed sleekly back from his handsome face, clothed in an immaculate tuxedo, tailor made to fight his athletic form perfectly. As he steps towards Reah a grin spreads across his face, and his sparkling eyes widen as they try to take in the sight before them.

“Wow,” he says with a slight shake of his head, then catches himself and rolls his eyes at his own boorishness. “I’m sorry, let me try again, that is no way to great a lady. I usually have more tact, I promise. It’s just that you’re so… wow.” He shakes his head again, “Allow me to introduce myself and shut up before I make a further fool of myself. My name is Julian Doyle, I am a lawyer, financier, and philanthropist. My favorite author is Dumas, my favorite president is Kennedy, my favorite color is blue. I enjoy Sunrises, sunsets, scuba diving, sailing, and Lacrosse… and I find your smile absolutely breathtaking.”

He takes her hand and leads her into the opera house where the symphony is warming up. The music is sensational and and throughout the show Julian does his best to keep his eyes on the stage, though he cannot help stealing a glance at Reah from time to time. After the symphony attendees are treated to an opulent reception with refreshments in the Center’s cavernous lobby with it’s gigantic chandeliers and enormous windows stretching practically from the floor all the way to the ceiling looking out on the Patomac. Julian makes a speech about the Marian Foundation and all they are doing to build a more educated, enterprising, echologically conscious world. He explains that they are currently working to raise money for education for underprivileged children and those with special needs and he thanks everyone for giving generously.

Reah continues to captivate the crow wherever she goes, and as Julian leads her around hobnobbing with the wealthy and elites in attendance, she gets a lot of smiles as well as stares, and people asking Julian who she is. He introduces her as “Reah Lynn, a botanical prodigy at the National Arboretum.” After shaking hundreds of hands Julian finally leans over to Reah and whispers, “You ready to get out of here?”
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An Invitation for Reah Lynn (ATTN Reah)
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