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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Planning a Trip (ATTN Peter, anyone else who is interested)

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Planning a Trip (ATTN Peter, anyone else who is interested) Empty
PostSubject: Planning a Trip (ATTN Peter, anyone else who is interested)   Planning a Trip (ATTN Peter, anyone else who is interested) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 08, 2013 12:45 pm

Athens, Virginia, population 5,803 is a town nestled between the rolling forested hills of the Blue Ridge mountains in central Virginia, a few hours drive down from Washington, DC. Up until recently it has been a quiet little town and hasn’t made any headlines, but as Peter Naka recently learned, it has been chosen as one of the testing locations for a new compound the government plans to include in treated water. The compound, known as Compound 641, had mood-suppressant qualities, as Peter discovered after doing some research, it also was a associated with a number of side-affects, such as decreased libido, dry mouth, and in rare cases hallucinations and even loss of sight. It all fit with the reports Peter was getting from Athens about sightings of strange creatures in the town recently, such as people who were half goat or half cow, or trees and streams that would talk.

Now that the ogre affair is over, Peter realizes perhaps it is time to actually look into some of these reports, gather the evidence he needs against this compound, and alert the public before it is put into everyone’s water. He figures he probably shouldn’t ago alone, but with Thomas in the hospital with a serious leg injury, his most likely companion on this trip won’t be available. Who will he turn to?
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Planning a Trip (ATTN Peter, anyone else who is interested)
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