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 Ren Vigils: It's a Trap

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PostSubject: Ren Vigils: It's a Trap   Ren Vigils: It's a Trap I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 2:23 am

Since running away from the orphanage where he grew up after an unfortunate incident there involving fire, Ren had spent his time honing his hacking skills and training in tae kwon do, jujitsu and kung-fu and numerous other traditional martial arts styles. During those years he had also been searching for answers as to who he really was, and where this mysterious fire that emanated from him at time actually originated. He knew there was something different about him, but he longed to know why.

When he finally received an answer to his inquiries in the form of an email from a Logun Debar, he dropped everything and boarded a flight to the United States to meet with him. The appointed meeting place turned out to be a summer camp in the Appalachian Mountains where he received a friendly welcome from Debar. Not all was as it seemed, however: his mysterious host soon took him to a cave in the woods where he attempted to tie Rend down and take his blood.

Seeing that he had fallen into a trap Ren tried to fight back at Logun, and perhaps could have held his own, except he was distracted by a pair of giant wolves, each the size of one-story house, charging out him out of the woods. He instantly turn and ran through the woods in the opposite direction but his speed was no match for the wolves. In a single leap and a bound they were on top of him and he surely would have been killed except suddenly the wolves were forced off him by the a lithe, graceful man wielding a sword: Paris Triste. Paris' was able to get the wolves off of Ren and together they managed to kill the beasts.

Offering a place for him to stay, Paris took Ren back to his penthouse apartment in Downtown Washington D.C. Simply escaping Debar is not enough for Ren, however, know that his knows this mysterious man who tried to kill him seems to know something about where he comes from - at least enough that he seems to think Ren's blood is useful. If Ren could meet with Debar on his own terms he could somehow convince him to tell him what he knows. Ren begins searching the city for any clues that might lead to Debar.

(Ideas for potential guest stars: Anyone that cold help him find a lead that would connect him back to Logun Debar)
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Ren Vigils: It's a Trap
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