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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Bohemian Caverns

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PostSubject: Bohemian Caverns   Bohemian Caverns I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 3:11 pm

Bohemian Caverns DestinationDCPhoto2
Bohemian Caverns Bcmural

Bohemian Caverns
Aspect: A deal with the devil
Face: Raymond Collins

This jazz club was once the hottest jazz spot in DC, where only the best musicians played and the elite of Washington came to socialize. The club is built underground in a cave motif. It's been in decline for some time, however the quality of the musicans has taking a distinct turn for the better lately, due to the deals between demonic entities and hopeful musicians that Raymond has been facilitating lately. The Red Court has a rather strong prescence here and they sell drugs out of the club. They also rather ruthlessly protect the club from police interference. They regularly bribe officals and any officer who sticks his nose in to deep tends to go missing - the Reds are always hungry. Members of the White Court can also be found here, most often "representatives" of their escort service. Unbeknownst to the Red Court and Raymond, they have subtlely turned away several threats to the club for their own purposes, without the threats even being realizing they had been diverted.

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Bohemian Caverns
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