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 1789 & The Tombs

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1789 & The Tombs
Aspect: Friend or Foe?
Face: Father James Lawrence

This historic building hosts an upscale colonial restaurant above and a sports saloon underneath. It is connected with the famous stairs from the film, the Exorcist. And is a popular hang out for faculty and staff of the Jesuit university, Georgetown.

For those who have had a brush with the dark supernatural world around them the Tombs have become a place of refuge thanks to a kindly Jesuit Priest named Father Lawrence, who lends a sympathetic ear to those who are used to getting scoffs in return for their desperate tales of woe. Few would guess that Father Lawrence is actually a monster hunter who uses his paternal persona to gather information and decide whether or not a supernatural entity is a threat.
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1789 & The Tombs
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