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 The Steps of Character Creation

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The Steps of Character Creation Empty
PostSubject: The Steps of Character Creation   The Steps of Character Creation I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 19, 2012 3:49 am

Creating Characters:

1. Sketch out your Character Idea:
␣ Pick a template from Types & Templates, making note of all of the things you must do in order to build a character of that type. Many templates will place restrictions on what you can do in these steps.
␣ Zero in on the character’s high concept by picking an aspect that sums up the character in a phrase. Keep in mind that many templates require that the high concept indicate the template type.
␣ Come up with some sort of trouble — a recurring complication or issue that makes life particularly interesting and troublesome for your character. This is an aspect as well.
␣ Make up a name for your character.

2. Build your Character’s Background:
␣ Go through the first three phases, picking one aspect for each phase.
␣ Work with the other players by participating in their past adventures and having them participate in yours to round out the final two phases. You’ll pick an aspect for each phase here, too.

3. Finish up your Character:
␣ Assign your skills
␣ Select stunts and supernatural powers
␣ Determine your final refresh level and your stress and consequences.
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The Steps of Character Creation
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