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 Rise of the Dark Lord

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PostSubject: Rise of the Dark Lord   Rise of the Dark Lord I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 11:14 pm

For longer than anyone can remember the mysterious sorcerer known has Phaeton has been a powerful member of D.C.’s supernatural community and has won the support of much of many, particularly those who have no love for the White Council. Unlike most wizards who hold the Masonic Brotherhood in derision, he has been a long standing member and risen through the ranks to the 33rd degree. He has formed an alliance with the Winter Court, which rules the Nevernever realms around D.C. and has made deals with the vampire courts as well. Of course he claims that these dealings with the Nevernever creatures have been made for the greater good, and no hard evidence has ever been found of wrong doing on the part of Phaeton. In fact Phaeton’s reputation is such that he was selected to be Keeper of the government buildings at Washington’s core, to ensure that other supernaturals do not meddle with national leaders and agencies.

There are some, however, particularly the White Council and their allies, who are highly distrustful of Phaeton and ask who is making sure that he himself is not dabbling in the national government he claims to be safeguarding. Accusations have been made that he has even gone so far as to enthrall government leaders in order to influence the national agenda according to his wishes. Some have even gone to the point of calling him a Dark Lord. However, as usual in the case of Phaeton, no evidence of wrongdoing has been found, and his supporters accuse the White Court of spreading vicious lies against the Keeper on account of his refusal to join their esoteric brotherhood. To be sure, Phaeton does interpret the Laws of Magic much more loosely than the White Council Wardens, claiming that there are cases when certain Laws may justifiably be bent. However, he still supports the Laws in most situations, and even many members of the White Council question the rigidity of its enforcement of the laws.

For good or ill Phaeton has become a power-player in Washington, and his influence continues to grow. To those willing to accept his ways of working outside the parameters of the White Council’s approval he represents a potential extremely capable ally, but any who would attempt to catch him in wrong-doing, or somehow stand in the way of his goals will find him to be a powerful enemy.
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Rise of the Dark Lord
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