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 The White Council

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Few understand the importance of this city to both the mortal and supernatural worlds better than Cyrus Banneker, the descendent of Benjamin Banneker, the magically adept freed slave who helped map out the foundations of the city according to astrological patterns and the flow of ley lines, giving it a configuration that would funnel magical energies to help empower the decrees of the then-new Federal Government. Cyrus is one of the most powerful and dedicated wardens of the White Council and has dedicated his life to detecting and preventing supernatural influence over the mortal government.

Over the years he has foiled many plots of dark magical beings to usurp control over different aspects of government, making him a kind of secret national guardian angel. However, what he is not always able to completely safeguard the mortal government given the presence of numerous other supernatural heavyweights in the city contending against him at any given moment. For every two plots he is able to foil it seems that one is able to slip through the cracks and slowly the influence of powerful paranormal conspiracies and cabals grows and threatens to spread it’s tyranny over the mortal world.

Of course no one is more aware of Cyrus’ limitations than Cyrus himself, and he has begun training a promising new magical adept, Thomas Webster, to aid him in his struggles, and hopefully take over for him someday as the White Council’s Warden. That is not to say that Cyrus has given up on eventually having a son of his own to succeed him as he did his father, but that hope has not yet materialized since he is childless, and even if he does eventually sire a child to succeed him two wizards will be better than one. So Thomas has become Cyrus’ apprentice, errand boy, and knight – or wizard (that line is blurred in the case of Thomas) – errant.
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The White Council
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