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 White Court Vampires

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PostSubject: White Court Vampires   White Court Vampires I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 11:18 pm

The psychic vampires of the White Court presence is represented by Alice LeBlanc, a two hundred year old scion of the Wraith family, on of the Court’s most powerful clans. Little is known about her, but rumors claim she got her fortune by seducing aging planters and convincing them to leave their inheritance to her upon their deaths, which reputedly never took long to come about. Some claim that Alice used her influence to have the National Harbor built on her former lands, but no one knows for sure where she came from.

Alice haunts the halls, lobby and night club of the Gaylord National Convention Center, out of which she runs a high-class escort service, and uses her wiles to extract information and favors from the rich and powerful men visiting the Center. At the same time Alice also has made deals with many ringleaders of the criminal underworld in D.C., particularly Rafael Vega of the Red Court, making her quite dangerous as an opponent. Given these obstacles and the fact that her manipulations of those in government have been rare, and subtle enough not to draw attention, the White Council has not yet chosen to move against her. However, since the White Council is at war with her Red Court allies she has to walk a fine line not draw their ire. Although she believes she could take on Cyrus Banneker and his apprentice she knows the conflict would be violent, destructive, and generally bad for business. Alice has at times actually attempted to moderate the militant violence of Vega and the Red Court. This is not to say she doesn’t want Cyrus Banneker out of the way, most likely she will not move directly against him until she knows she can get rid of him with minimum collateral damage. She is always looking for opportunities to expand her power and that of the White Court, and if half the rumors about her are true, she knows when to strike and how to wait.
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White Court Vampires
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