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 Red Court Vampires

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PostSubject: Red Court Vampires   Red Court Vampires I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 11:19 pm

Unlike the vampiric White Court, the Red Court has been unable to attain any real influence over national politics, due to their being closely watched by Cyrus Banneker and the White Council. The Red Court instead has spread their power over the actual streets of D.C. and control a few local politicians, such as certain city council members. Rafael Vega, a knight of the Red Court and leader of the vampires in D.C. holds sway over a good portion of the drug trade and a number of street gangs in the more depressed parts of the city with his power base in Anacostia in Southeast D.C.

Rafael Vega is a powerful vampire who has been around for quite some time, though no one has had the guts to ask him how long. Despite his violent and passionate demeanor he is quite shrewd and cunning. Rafael has managed to grow the power of the Red Court mainly by staying out of the White Council’s way, but his ambitions are for more than simply local power, and as his position in the city has strengthened he has begun to boldly defy the White Council and seek to gain some power in the national government.

Some have begun to suspect that Rafael is more than a vampire drug lord, and his ultimate designs are to do more than merely rule the streets of one city. It is possible that the Red Court means to use Rafael to make a move in their struggle against the Wizards, and if the White Council does not do something to curtail his growing power soon it may be too late.
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Red Court Vampires
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