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 The Masonic Brotherhood

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PostSubject: The Masonic Brotherhood   The Masonic Brotherhood I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 11:20 pm

One of the major Masonic headquarters in North America is in D.C. and many powerful members of government are part of this Lodge. The brotherhood of the Free Masons along with the Catholic Society of Jesus is one of the most powerful organizations founded on the esoteric knowledge of the Illuminati and the Knights Templar. Both the Masons and Jesuits were instrumental in the founding of the United States, as well as the city of Washington D.C. The Jesuit Order operates within the religious sector, though, while the Masons are the secular branch of the Illuminati.

A large number of the Founding Fathers were Masons, including George Washtington and Benjamin Franklin, and they believed in the principles of the Illuminati; in its deistic humanism, it’s secret knowledge and it’s goals of becoming the architects of a brighter, better world. Of course most Masons are unaware of the true agenda of it’s leaders, whose definition of a better world probably would not match that of most people. Masonism relies heavily on the rites, rituals and symbols of ancient pagan mystery religions, and while most Masons consider these things to be purely symbolic, some believe that the Masons’ work is to keep the ways of ancient cultic dieties alive, and to spread the worship of these powers around the world.

Many Masons certainly have advocated for a global government, and even used certain para-governmental organization such as Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations to manipulate monetary policy and foreign policy to bring about the founding of a global New World Order, through which the elites of the Illuminati could control the population of the world. Of course there are also many Masons who oppose globalism, though whether this is because they are being used as an antithesis to help bring about Masonic goals, or whether they are truly unaware as to what those goals are few could say.

Although all Masons of a certain degree are taught basic magical theory, few ever learn how to actually use it, and the majority most likely believes that magic is mainly an allegorical idea. There are those at the highest levels, however, who do learn how to use magic and manipulate energies to help accomplish the goals of the Brotherhood, and to maintain and expand it’s power in government, finance, business, the media, and academia.

One of the foremost members of the Grand Lodge in D.C. is Julian Doyle, a prominent corporate lobbyist in the city. He is possibly the most-connected man in this city of networking and conspiracies, and he knows about magic and the existence of the paranormal almost as well as the average wizard’s apprentice. He certainly seems to know more about the true designs of the Brotherhood than the average Mason, but his radical ideas sometimes bring him into conflict with other high-ranking Masons, such as Samuel Wellington, Dean of the National Cathedral, and those who simply want to maintain the status quo. With Julian’s rise to power within the Brotherhood the Masons have become more influential than ever, but some question what will be done with this power if he has his way. For good or ill his presence has become a destabilizing element in this secret society which has long sought to maintain the stability of the society.
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The Masonic Brotherhood
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