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 The Society of Jesus

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Before Washington D.C. became the capital of the United States Georgetown was the center of the Catholicism in North America. John Carroll, a Jesuit priest whose family was instrumental in the American Revolution, and was the first Archebishop of North America, founded Georgetown University in 1789 which has been an important institution to the country ever since, educating not only religious leaders but government officials and politicians even up to the office of the president.

Since it was founded under the influence of the Illuminati the Jesuit order has been the Roman Church’s most important and influential secret society. The Jesuit general is even said to hold authority equal to the Pope himself and is sometimes called the Black Pope, in reference to his black robes and secretive mode of operation. The chief aim of the Jesuits since their inception was not only to bring the Catholic church more in line with the mystic teachings of the Illuminati, but also to combat Protestants, scientists, and any philosophy that runs counter to church teachings, while manipulating political systems in order to restore Rome to global domination.

There are many levels of involvement within the Jesuit order, and, like the Freemasons, the majority have no idea what the true designs of it’s leaders actually are. Most also have no idea that there is a paranormal world of magic around them, either, even though their leaders seek to use and control this information. There are some priests within the order, however, who are aware of the supernatural powers at work in the world, either because they have discovered them on their own, or they were clued in by their superiors because the information was necessary for a specific task to which they had been assigned.

Father James Lawrence is the agent whom the Society has assigned to keep an eye on supernatural threats within the D.C. area. He is a psychology professor at Georgetown University by day, and by night he mingles among denizens of the preternatural underworld watching for potential threats or obstacles to the Jesuit agenda, and ensuring that their positions of religious and political power are secure. James sees his mission as a call from God to cleanse the city of evil, and believes his work is not only to benefit the Jesuit society, but also humanity at large which has no concept of the invisible threats that stalk them every night. He will be a staunch ally to any seeking to defend the church, the government and the people from renegade supernatural threats, but he will also be a formidable opponent of any who go against the Jesuit agenda. Father Lawrence is a true believer who knows in his heart that by protecting Jesuit interests and expanding their control he is making the world a better place.
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The Society of Jesus
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