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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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The Unseelie Court of the Fae has ruled over the land where D.C. now stands since before the dawn of history. Long ago they fought a long and inclusive war with the Summer Court for control over this magically potent ground. Finally when both sides were sufficiently weary of war to be amenable to accepting a compromise the Winter Court agreed to allow the Seelie to control the land South of the great Potomac River, if they left the territory north of the river to the Winter Court. It was not until later that the Seelie realized they had been tricked, as the land to the north actually harbored the greater amount of ley lines. To make matters worse the new nation of the United States settled on the north bank for their capital, giving the Unseelie a leg up on interacting with the government.

The Unseelie, however, are more concerned with the magical energy of the ley lines, than the potential political power to be gained by manipulating politicians. It is certainly easy to see why, since the ley lines power potent spells that the Unseelie can use in their battles against the Summer Court. Even more importantly, this access to power also gives the Unseelie the opportunity to do favors for other supernatural entities or clued-in mortals in return for future service.

The ruler of the Unseelie Court is Queen Mab, but her regent, who rules D.C. in her place is a powerful sidhe known as Milord Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin has fashioned a mortal identity for himself known as Faolan Cannaught, a billionaire playboy, which allows him to move freely among the mortals. He seems to be everywhere and know everything that is going on in the city due to his vast network of spies. His center of power is a node where two major ley lines within the city intersect, located on the Nevernever side of the Washington Monument. Cannaught works closely with Phaeton, installing him in his current position of power and granting him free use of the ley lines, in return for Phaeton’s loyalty. Though, what purpose the Fae lord has for this powerful sorcerer remains to be seen.

The Unseelie agenda is to maintain their control over the magical energies of D.C. and the realm of the Nevernever corresponding to this region. They are always on the lookout to garner more control over the magical beings in the area, though they are not interested in rocking the boat in order to do so. They will strike back if provoked, however, and do not take affronts to their power lightly.
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Winter Court Fae
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