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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Summer Court Fae

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The Summer Court has been struggling against the Unseelie for millennia to gain control over the fount of magical energy that flows through the District of Columbia. Before Europeans ever arrived on the continent the Seelie made a deal with the Winter Court to divide up the realm and end their senseless unending war over this precious piece of earth. It was not until after the deal was sealed that the Seelie realized they had been tricked and the land to the north of the river, which they had agreed to leave to the Unseelie, was much more powerful than the land they had taken on the southern bank.

The Seelie Court has managed to consolidate their power in northern Virginia, and the city of Alexandria, here they run shops on King Street, and entertain, or play tricks on tourists and pedestrians. The leader of this rabble is known to mortals as Bran Kildare, proprietor of the Huntsman’s Tavern, an old Irish Pub. To those who know his true nature however, this sidhe lord is most commonly called The Huntsman, Duke of the Northern Virgin Lands. Bran is a likable, jovial, outgoing character who does not seem to consider anybody to really be a stranger. However, he is fiercely militant towards the Winter Court, and firmly believes they stand for the destruction of all the is bright and good in the world. He considers it disastrous that the Unseelie have managed to maintain control over some of the most potent ley lines in the world, and is genuinely worried about how the Winter Court could use this power.

The Huntsman so hates the Winter Court that as a general practice he destroyes and Unseelie fae caught south of the river. He even goes so far as to risk the Truce Oath made by his Queen to the Queen of the Unseelie by Hunting Unseelie Fae north of the river (thought no one has been able to prove this). Mostly, however he seeks to wrest some control over the ley lines from the Unseelie indirectly in order to avoid breaking the old Oath. He is always looking for proxies to fight the Summer Court’s battle for them, and people he can manipulate in some way into doing something to help weaken the Winter Court’s dominion. He is also willing at all times to lend aid to any venture which might possibly end in diminishing power for the Unseelie.
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Summer Court Fae
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