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 Dwight McAllister (Table-top)

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Dwight McAllister (Table-top) Pbucket

Dwight McAllister

Description and Background:
Dwight is of native american(mother) and scottish(father) descent. He's pretty big, 6'7", and very muscled (not to mention hairy.) His skin is well tanned, and he has longish brown hair halfway down his back in a pony tail. His father died when he was very young, although he still remembers him fairly well. His father instilled a sense of heritage in him that has made him very interested in all things celtic. After his father died his mother moved them back to be with her family on a reservation out west. It was here that one of the elders on the reservation recognized his ability to change into a were-creature. He was taken on a series of spirit quests to learn what his animal form would be and it was discovered he could become a great bear.

As he grew, he learned much of his mother's people and their ways. He learned to be one with the land, and he took much of their philosophies to heart. Although his teachers did often lament his clumsiness. He was always knocking things over and breaking them, or even tripping of his own feet. And in his bear form he was even worse, due to his huge size and strength.

One night he came home after several days out in the wild, training in his bear form, and found the door to his mother's home ripped off it's hinges. He rushed inside and found a vampire in the process of draining his mother dry. He shape-changed and tore the creature apart in a terrible rage. Since then he has hunted anything that seems to live off of blood. He has sworn an oath to destroy as many blood-drinkers as he can, but he knows little of vampires and has only killed a handful of them. The only kind of vampires he has seen are of the red court and he knows nothing about different kinds of vampires.

He has a small apple orchard and apiary south east of the D.C. area, and he also makes mead there as well. He often has dealing with the little folk of the fae, and occasionally the Sidhe. He also has a tendency to give his honey, apples and mead away for free and never seems to have enough money, which tends to lead him to have even more dealings with the fae.

Known Aspects:

High Concept: Were-Bear Entrepreneur
Trouble: The Fae gave me an offer I couldn't refuse
Story: Hello, my name is Dwight McAllister, a Blood drinker killed my father, Prepare to die.

Known Skills:
Good (+3) Craftsmanship
Fair (+2) Resources
Average (+1) Survival, Contacts

Great (+4) Might, Fists
Good (+3) Endurance

Known Supernatural Abilities:
Beast change
Hulking size
Inhuman Strength

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Dwight McAllister - Were-Bear Entrepreneur

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Dwight McAllister (Table-top)
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