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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Paris Michael Triste (Online)

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Paris Michael Triste

Paris Michael Triste (Online) Paris07_zps8163f40e

Description and Background:

Paris has a slender, graceful build with sculpted, handsome features and thick, long, wavy dark brown hair, brushed back from his face. His alluring smile and depthless dark brown eyes exude animal magnetism, which is only enhanced by his smooth, lupine movements. He always dresses in stylish, tailored, dark colored threads, such as a black blazer, dark blue designer jeans, and textured white or lavender shirt.

In recent nights Paris has become somewhat of a fixture in the D.C. night scene, making appearances at all the most fashionable clubs on a regular basis, several of which have him on their VIP list. Most of the usual patrons of the D.C. nightlife know his face but no one really knows who he is. He is also difficult to locate on purpose, showing up at various locations and disappearing suddenly like a phantom.

By all accounts Paris arrived in D.C. sometime in the last couple years. Handsome, stylish, rich and mysterious, he made an instant impression. Despite the fact that many know his face and claim to have drank and danced the night away with him, no one seems to know anything about him. Where he comes from, how old he is, where he made his money, and even where he lives are all unknown.

Known Aspects:

Known Skills:
Great (+4) Resources
Good (+3) Rapport
Fair (+2) Presence and Performance
Average (+1) Empathy and Intimidation

Known Supernatural Abilities:
Blood Drinker, Inhuman Speed, Inhuman Recovery, Incite Emotion
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Paris Michael Triste (Online)
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