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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 The Washington Monument

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The Washington Monument
Theme: Magical Lightning Rod
Face: Faolon Connaght

The city of Washington was laid out by Masons who understood the importance of ley lines in directing preternatural energies. The designers of the city hoped to harness these energies into a force that would empower the new nation they were trying to create at the time. Unfortunately for them, the founders of the United States and the city of Washington had no real idea how to use ley lines, as most of them lacked any real talent for magic. There were however many supernatural entities aware of the spiritual power that flowed through this location who were keen to harness it's potential for their own ends.

Thousands of years before the city was founded wars were fought among the fae inhabitants of the land over who should control this area where so many ley lines converged. In the end the Seelie and Unseelie agreed upon a truce that allowed each control of part of the region with the Patomac river separating their dominions. The Summer Court did not realize until slightly later that they hand been cheated by the Unseelie as most of the power in the area flowed through the northern side of the Patomac. Ever since then the Winter Court has ruled this land from their seat within the near Nevernever and the primary entrance to their realm lies somewhere beneath the very place where the Washington Monument now stands, directing all magical ley lines nearby into this spot.

Magic is strong in this place, one must simply know how to use it. Faolan Connaught, a powerful fae, sometimes known as Rumplestilskin rules here over Washington D.C. as regent of the Winter Court. He is often willing to sell enormous amounts of power from the ley lines in exchange other benefits and favors that would increase the power and influence of the Winter Court.
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The Washington Monument
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