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 Dinner Date (ATTN Reah)

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PostSubject: Dinner Date (ATTN Reah)   Dinner Date (ATTN Reah) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 8:49 pm

((Compelling aspect: Men are Moths to my Flame))

Dr. Pickering pears across a pair of delicate spectacles over the mountains of paperwork which range across his desk and smiles at Reah. It is a warm smile on his grandfatherly old face, though it is not without a hint of nervousness to it.

“Ah, so yes, My Dear,” Reah’s supervisor begins, “You must be wondering why I have asked you in here…” He pauses, awaiting her polite acknowledge before continuing. “Well, as it turns out I may have a bit of an assignment for you. As you know the Arboretum relies heavily upon the generosity of our private benefactors. Well, we are currently in the process of attempting to procure a significant grant from the charitable Marian Foundation. Now here is where you come in. I would like, if you think you are up to it, for you to meet with the director of the foundation, Julian Doyle. We have reservations for Friday evening at 2941. Talk to him about the Arboretum and all we do here and attempt to procure his financial support. Err, schmooze him a bit.

“I realize this is highly irregular,” adds Pickering apologetically, “however, a grant from the Marian Foundation would be most significant for the arboretum. I hope you don’t mind.”
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Dinner Date (ATTN Reah)
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