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 The Home of the Lost Lady

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The Home of the Lost Lady Empty
PostSubject: The Home of the Lost Lady   The Home of the Lost Lady I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 1:55 am

As the hour grows the late the lights in the windows of the houses along the quiet suburban neighborhood street begin to go out. The air is chilly but there is no breeze to rustle the still-bare branches of the trees. Everything is quiet, only the distant barking of a dog somewhere off down the street attempts to break the evening’s somnolence.

A single car is parked along the side of the road across from a medium-sized white two story with a picket fence, large front porch, red front door and a single light on in one of the second story windows. The car is a silver Saturn a few years old but in relatively good condition, though recently it has been requiring more maintenance than usual with Thomas Webster as a frequent passenger. Thomas is sitting in the back seat at the moment, gazing out the window at the single lit window in the house across the street. His breath fogs up the window and he absent-mindedly draws a little pentagram in it.

Brushing strands of light brown hair back from his eyes he looks back at Peter, the skinny Indian seer in the seat next to him, then turns and glances at the two beautiful women in the front seats; the dark haired half-vampire, Kyra, and the red haired who-knew-what-she-was, Reah. Thomas can see Reah’s perfect profile, with her small graceful nose, lusciously protruding lips, and long lashes. He catches himself admiring the contours of her neck and sighing, almost audibly. He tries to think of something to say to her, but nothing comes to mind.

Thomas’ attention is drawn back to the house across the street by the sudden disappearance of the light in the upstairs window, “Alright, here we go, “he breathes. The others look at him expectantly. In the dim light he thinks he sees a quizzical expression on Reah’s face as she looks over her should at him, and he can almost hear her wondering just how crazy he is.

“I know, this is crazy, but the guy wouldn’t talk to us,” he says, “we’re out of options. My plan is to go in through the back door, find Anna’s room and locate any relics that could provide us with more information about her. A diary would be great. That book she had in the picture Peter got would be helpful too. Anyway, it’s worth a try. I won’t ask any of you to come with me. If you’re uncomfortable with this I understand, so am I.”
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The Home of the Lost Lady
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