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 A Meeting in the Caverns (ATTN Bleddyn)

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A Meeting in the Caverns (ATTN Bleddyn) Empty
PostSubject: A Meeting in the Caverns (ATTN Bleddyn)   A Meeting in the Caverns (ATTN Bleddyn) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 3:36 pm

The interior of the club was dark and cave-like, an affect due as much to the low ceilings and lack of windows, as to the stone-textured walls, stalactites and stalagmites decorating the room. A band plays smooth, low jazz melodies from a stage in the back of the room bathed in blue and yellow light. Bleddyn sits at round table tucked away in a shadowy alcove illuminated by the flickering orange light of a little candle in the middle of the table. He had got a note from Annabelle summoning him to meet her here at the Bohemian Caverns.

Bleddyn didn’t have long to wait on his own before seeing the young witch stalking towards him with a catlike sway in her hips. Her wavy dark hair cascading around her face with her soft, full cheeks and large dark eyes that give her a deceptively innocent look. She is wearing a long, double-breasted black overcoat and he can’t tell what else as the only thing he can see beneath the parted color is skin and her shapely legs are bare beneath the jacket’s hem except for her tall, lace up combat boots. She slides into the seat across from Bleddyn, a sly smile playing in the corner of her pouty lips.

“Well, well, you came,” she exclaims in her low, sultry voice, “and good thing, too. I got a lead on that ogre we’re supposed to be tracking.” She reaches into her coat and pulls out an old, leatherbound tome with the words ‘Arcanum Praedictas Fatales’ embossed upon the front. “In here there is a summoning spell that can bring the ogre straight to us, but we need some kind of link to the thing before it’ll work. …We’ll also want a fairly strong containment spell for it I’m guessing. And we’ll need a good plan as to how we can trick it into revealing the location of it’s treasure.”
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A Meeting in the Caverns (ATTN Bleddyn)
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