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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 The Omni Shoreham

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The Omni Shoreham OmniShorham04_zps34dfc1bf

The Omni Shoreham OmniShorham08_zps900f3fa1

The luxurious Omni Shoreham in Northwest Washington, D.C. was built in 1930, as a palatial 5-star hotel. It also has a reputation as an entertainment venue having been the home of Mark Russell and The Capitol Steps. It has served as the site of inaugural balls for presidents from Roosevelt to Clinton, and as the the residence of many foreign dignitaries.

The famous Ghose Suite is home of a mysterious spirit that announces it's presence by strange frosty drafts of air and flickering lights. This set of rooms has been the site of paranormal activity since the thirties when it’s original occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Doherty, partial owners of the hotel had vacated the premises following the unexplained deaths of their beloved maid and their daughter. Apparently the suite had been vacant for decades and fallen into disrepair, but during the intervening years many guests and hotel staff had heard strange noises coming from the empty rooms, and seen unexplained phenomena such as lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing, and furniture moving all of its own accord. Only recently were the rooms refurbished and once again let out, with the strange deaths now so distant the horror of the past and strange events that followed serve to add mystique to the room rather than scare guests off as it once did.

Of course what most people will never know is how the fae were involved in all of this. No one is really sure of the extent of their involvement, but the Unseelie court has been known to use the hotel as a place of gathering. Many of the hotel staff are working for the fae. Some believe there are gateways here leading into the Winter Court's domains in the Nevernever.
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The Omni Shoreham
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