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 Thomas Christian Webster (Table-top)

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PostSubject: Thomas Christian Webster (Table-top)   Thomas Christian Webster (Table-top) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 2:45 pm

Thomas Christian Webster (formerly a.k.a. Sir Tristan Lionheart of the Summer Court)

Thomas Christian Webster (Table-top) Landon-Pigg-ra07_zpsacbc9f7c

Description and Background:

Thomas is a tall, lanky young man with unruly, long, dark-golden hair, that hangs over his eyes and down his neck. His high cheek bones, a brooding brow, and lips that naturally curl up slightly in the corners give him quizzical, yet handsome. His stormy dark blue eyes are his most striking feature, however. His fashion sense tends to favor the whimsical with cravats and vests, his favorite pair of Chuck Taylors on his feet and a long tan overcoat.

He is descended from a long line of wizards on his father's side (though his father was not a wizard), and his mother was the half-faery daughter of a faery lord of the Summer court who claimed dominion over many of the creeks and estuaries in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. So he inherited magic from both sides of the family and from an early age the fae tried to recruit me with the Lady of Summer herself offering me a position as the Court's Knight. He resisted the offer, though, and instead went to D.C. to study art at the Corcoran Collage of Art and Design.

While studying art Thomas kept running into the fae, who wouldn't let him go easily, and their interest in him drew the attention of Phaeton, a powerful sorcerer in D.C. Phaeton offered to train Thomas in using magic beyond the tricks and glamour the fae knew, and Thomas learned a lot from him, but when he saw Phaeton trying to seduce a young woman named Reah Lynn  for one of his schemes Thomas stepped in and tried to save the girl. He let Reah know what Phaeton was planning to use her for and got her away from him. In order to escape Phaeton's wrath he finally agreed to sign on as the Lady of Summer's knight.

As knight for the Summer Court he learned more about magic as well as how to use a sword. For awhile he carried out the Lady's every wish, completed quests, and fought in her name, but he longed to be free again and to see Reah and his family. When the Lady told him he would have to choose between her and his personal life he left the Court. The Lady agreed to let him live, though whether out of gratitude for his service or a hope to use him in the future he could not tell. Perhaps both, or perhaps she figured the Winter Court would kill him soon enough because of the the things he did in Summer’s service. Either way the Lady stripped him of his faerie magic, branded him as an oath-breaker, and made it clear he would be expected to repay her later for the favor of letting him live.

Needing protection from the Fae and training for my magical abilities I turned to the White Council of wizards for help. Cyrus Banneker, the warden of D.C. took me on as his apprentice and as he taught me what the White Council I began to believe in what they stood for, as the one organization in the supernatural world that was keeping the demons and monsters at bay.

Known Aspects:
Fae blooded-knight turned wizard, Imagination is my first language, Hero complex, Inside knowledge of the Hidden World

Known Skills:
Great (+4) Lore
Good (+3) Swordsmanship
Fair (+2) Performance, Scholarship

Known Supernatural Abilities:
Specializes in conjuring and manipulating light and uses the tools of art to affect magical changes in the world around him.
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Thomas Christian Webster (Table-top)
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