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This forum is for a Play by Post game of Dresden Files, set in the Washington, D.C. area.
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 Ilario Baldasarre (Online and sometimes Tabletop)

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Ilario Baldasarre  (Online and sometimes Tabletop) Empty
PostSubject: Ilario Baldasarre (Online and sometimes Tabletop)   Ilario Baldasarre  (Online and sometimes Tabletop) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2013 12:52 am

Ilario Baldasarre  (Online and sometimes Tabletop) Ilario03_zpsfcbc15b8

Ilario Baldasarre

Description:  An Italian-American from New York city, he has recently moved to the D.C. Area to open his own restaurant.  Ilario is skinny, and relatively fit, black hair, and dark eyed.  He's pretty tall as well, clocking in at 6'3".  He tends to dress pretty well, and you'll hardly ever see him without a button up shirt – to Ilario "dressed down" means no tie, and very occasionaly a pair of jeans.  He's super nice, kind, and cheerful, and although he would never believe it if you told him, he lives up to the meaning of his last name (brave one.)  He would walk through fire for a friend, an acquaintance, even an enemy if they asked him for help.  He's somewhat naive, and sees the best in everyone around him.  Ilario has a problem however – there is an entity that has taken up residence in his mind, an entity that is super pissed off to be stuck there.

Background:  He grew up in the Bronx in New York City with a single mother. His mother never talked much about his father, just that he was a scoundrel and he was dead. He never met anyone from his father's side of the family, and his mother's family wouldn't talk about them to him. He learned to love cooking from his mother's father, a very fragile elderly man who barely spoke a word of English. He also learned Italian from his grandparents and speaks it quite fluently. Then came a fateful day when he and his mother were getting groceries together and the store they were in was robbed. There was a gunfight between the robbers and the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was killed and his mother also took a fatal wound. She died in his arms .He went to live with his grandparents. Several weeks later a man showed up at his grandparent's door claiming to be his father's brother. His grandparents were out, but when they came home and found Uncle Freddy there, they threw the man out and told him never to return. He never did, but instead started meeting with Ilario out and about. Uncle Freddy is a Made Man, and he wanted Ilario to become one as well, because according to him, his father was a Made Man and his dying wish was that his son follow in his footsteps. However, Ilario had no interest in joining the mafia, he just wanted to open his own restaurant. Uncle Freddy has never stopped trying to get him to join though, and after his grandparents died he moved to D.C. hoping to be free from his Uncle's attempts to coerce him. It didn't work, and his uncle and those who work with him still show up from time to time.

Known Aspects:
Semi-possessed potion-making chef
One Body, Two Minds
My Uncle Freddy, the mob boss

Known Skills:
Good (+3) Empathy
Fair (+2) Athletics
Average (+1) Scholarship

Known Supernatural Abilities:

Ritual – Crafting
Stunt – Professional Chef – Scholarship used for anything cooking related gains a +3 shift

Bart Smith, continuing to be awesome since 1982 so that you don't have to.

Ilario Baldassare - Semi-possesed potion making chef

Dwight McAllister - Were-Bear Entrepreneur

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Ilario Baldasarre (Online and sometimes Tabletop)
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